Bend Chamber Business Journal PureCare Dental

Bend Chamber Business Journal – Local Dental Office Offers Affordable Care, Soothing Atmosphere

Bend Chamber Business Journal - Local Dental Office Offers Affordable Care, Soothing Atmosphere

July 1, 2011 | By Courtney Linville, Government Affairs/Public Relations
Bend Chamber Business Journal PureCare Dental
Bend Chamber Business Journal PureCare Dental

How many people can say they look forward to going to the dentist? What about feeling calm and comfortable while in the office or the chair? Have you ever considered a dental membership program? PureCare Dental offers all these things and believes in quality patient care, customer service, and providing excellence in dentistry.

Walking through the doors of PureCare Dental, patients are immediately enveloped with a calm and welcoming atmosphere that’s more like a spa than a dental office. In the waiting area, patients are greeted with the relaxing sounds of a water feature and soft color tones as well as the warmth of wood. The office also has an open air feeling, like you would find in many of today’s coffee shops. This innovative design was created by owner Dr. Eric Cadwell, DDS, MBA. “I wanted patients to feel comfortable not only sitting in the reception area, but throughout the office,” he said.

A lot of thought went into the design of the office and it shows. Patient exam areas feature the same modern and open environment, as well as the latest in all-digital technology. Patients have the opportunity to watch a movie during their exam or see firsthand what the doctor is seeing.

“We have patients who haven’t been to the dentist in years, and they’re surprised that everything makes sense,” said Cadwell. “With the technology in our office, they can see what I’m seeing. We use the best materials and labs we can provide with a very comprehensive whole health approach that’s more comfortable and approachable for the patient.”
Patient Care Coordinator Rachel Veitschegger says many people have anxiety and are very skeptical of dentists. She says with the PureCare Dental approach, patients have things explained to them so the entire process is less of a mystery. “We sit down with patients and thoroughly explain everything, and patients get more time with their doctor to feel comfortable with what’s happening,” said Veitschegger.

Along with dedication to its patients, PureCare Dental has a unique Membership program that is an alternative to dental insurance. The concept was actually started two years ago by Cadwell and his brother. “We got started because we saw a need for people as dental insurance continued to get more expensive, but it wasn’t covering as much,” said Cadwell.

The membership model was initially introduced in Washington and it’s the first dental membership program in the Northwest. The Cadwell brothers wanted to create a program where people could afford to have dental benefits and employers could offer dental benefits to employees. Cadwell said the purpose of the program is to give preventative and comprehensive care at a reasonable price.

“We wanted to get the relationship back between the patient and the doctor rather than having insurance companies dictate treatment,” said Cadwell.

PureCare Dental offers individual plans as well as corporate plans. Cadwell says this creates an environment where dental care is more affordable and streamlined to the needs of the patient. “This is not insurance. There are no waiting periods and no exclusions,” he said. “You don’t pay a deductible and there isn’t a co-pay. It’s just providing dental care where we can keep the administrative costs low, making it more affordable for all.”

Cadwell says dental health can play a big part into an employee’s health and productivity. In fact, recent studies show one of the major reasons for lost days of work and school are due to dental emergencies. “Our dental plan creates value for both employers and employees. The products are very affordable and it helps to ensure the health of workers for as low as $19.50 a month,” he said. “That’s affordable for just about any business.”

Besides offering ground breaking dental memberships, the company is also changing the way people visit the dentist as well. Because of busy schedules of patients, PureCare Dental is open until 7 p.m. two evenings a week and also open on Fridays and Saturdays. Cadwell says this way care is available to patients when they need it.

PureCare Dental also guarantees it will see patients on time. Within 10 minutes of an appointment time if a patient hasn’t been seated, he or she receives a gift card to local businesses. “We are trying to change the way people think about their healthcare and their expectations,” Cadwell said. “We want patients to know that their time is important to us. We take their time seriously.”

Above all, whether a patient has insurance or a membership with PureCare Dental, Cadwell says his office wants to be available for everyone. “We love to know that we are providing a great service for patients and it’s a great mutual relationship,” he said.

For more information on PureCare Dental of Bend, call (541) 647-5555 or go to

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Dr Eric Cadwell PureCare Bend Bulletin

Bend Bulletin – Dental Clinic Offers New Way to Pay for Treatment

Bend Bulletin - Dental Clinic Offers New Way to Pay for Treatment

February 17, 2011 | By Markian Hawryluk
Dr Eric Cadwell PureCare Bend Bulletin

By Markian Hawryluk
The Bulletin

Dr. Eric Cadwell could never understand why patients paying cash for their dental work paid higher rates than anyone else. In many ways they’re the least expensive patients a dental practice has.

“We don’t have to send bills, we don’t have to do paperwork,” the Bend dentist said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Cadwell and his brother, Dr. Josh Cadwell, of Richland, Wash., figured such patients should get at least as good a deal — maybe better — than patients with dental insurance. And if a practice could cut its administrative costs, it could make dental care much more affordable to patients without any coverage.

The brothers came up with a new membership model for their dental practices, implementing it two years ago in Richland, where Josh practices. Eric Cadwell launched the model at PureCare Dental of Bend with Dr. Adam Veitschegger in December.

For a monthly fee of $19.50, PureCare members can get two cleanings and fluoride treatments, two dental exams, two emergency visits and X-rays as needed every year.

Dental experts recommend adults get X-rays every 6 to 12 months if they show signs of decay, and every 18 to 36 months when decay is not evident. PureCare members will usually get at least X-rays of their back teeth every six months, but could get more extensive X-rays if needed.

The cost represents a 45 percent discount from what those patients would normally pay without a membership plan. According to, a site that sells discount dental plans, the cost of two routine six-month check-ups and adult cleanings averages $306 in Bend. Adult members at PureCare would pay a total of $234 a year.

Patients must first complete an initial exam, which PureCare is offering at a discounted price of $59 through March 11, and those with periodontal disease who need deeper cleanings more often may have to pay a higher rate.

Members also get 15 to 20 percent discounts off the list price for other dental work, and dependent children — including college students up to age 23 — get the same services for a monthly price of $12.50. Members must set up a monthly electronic payment via a debit, credit card or checking account, which helps to keep overhead low.

The services cover the standard preventive care that dentists recommend for all patients. For those with healthy mouths and no problems, it could represent all the dental care they need for the year.

“The lifetime cost of dental care is going to be lower if you come in every six months,” Eric Cadwell said. “I can catch something little or really minor, put a small filling in. It’s going to be 10 times more expensive if I have to do a root canal or an extraction.”

If patients put off care, whether due to fear or cost, until they notice a problem, they’re likely looking at a more expensive and more unpleasant experience.

But a large majority of Americans don’t have any insurance coverage for dental work. According to the American Dental Association, for every individual without health insurance, there are three individuals without dental coverage. If that ratio holds true in Central Oregon, more than half of local residents could be paying dentists out of their own pockets.

Since launching the membership plan in December, PureCare has had more than 30 families sign up. Linda Nolan of Bend signed up as a member earlier this year after seeing PureCare’s billboard and the $19.50 per month cost.

“I didn’t have other insurance, and dental insurance is really expensive,” she said. “I’m a widow and on a fixed income.”

She had last seen a dentist 13 years ago.

The membership plan does not constitute insurance, and the Cadwells had to work with insurance commissioners in Oregon and Washington to ensure their model didn’t violate insurance laws.

“Unlike insurance, this isn’t a use-it-or-lose-it provision,” Eric Cadwell said. “If you’re paying $19.50 per month and you only come in once that year, there’s unused benefits and you can have that credited to your account, or at the end of the year, you can have a refund.”

PureCare plans to offer membership plans to businesses as well. The four owners of Cuppa Yo, a frozen yogurt shop in Bend, recently switched from a Blue Cross/Blue Shield dental insurance plan to PureCare’s membership plan.

“We’re paying half of what we were paying and getting far better coverage, as far as I’m concerned,” said Melissa Clayton, one of the co-owners.

The membership plan can also help reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients with insurance or help plans with annual limits on benefits go further. And membership fees can be paid with pre-tax flex spending account dollars as well.

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Cascade Business News PureCare Dental

Cascade Business News – PureCare Prides Itself on Ultra-Modern Approach

Cascade Business News PureCare Dental

January 17, 2011 | By Jeff Spry, CBN Feature Writer
Cascade Business News PureCare Dental
Cascade Business News PureCare Dental

PureCare Dental of Bend is revolutionizing the dreaded visit to the tooth doctor and one foot inside their new office lets you know you're definitely not in Kansas anymore. Their philosophy is to provide a peaceful, inviting environment where one feels at immediate ease.

Office Manager Brianna Cadwell explained how their business prides itself on delivering a unique stress-free experience. "You'll be hard pressed to see any paper charts or old-fashioned manila files anywhere," she said. "We're a paperless office with all records done electronically using the latest Eaglesoft dental software."

PureCare's decor is ultra-modern with a Zen-like Asian spa feel. Employees offer patients a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps a comfortable blanket. Corridors and operatory rooms resemble the lobby of a posh cosmopolitan hotel instead of a dental clinic, with designer-style cabinets and state-of-the-art equipment. There's a welcoming patient waiting area with fresh flower bouquets on black marble counters and a twelve-foot waterfall wall feature cascading behind the receptionist desk. Abstract and modern art adorns the walls and rooms. Chic pendant lighting dangles from the high ceilings, casting warm, bright light onto the office.

“We worked closely with interior designers to elicit a calm presence and eliminate that sterile, impersonal look and the discomfort normally associated with dental offices," Cadwell explained, directing a tour around the office, past the consulting room and sterilization area.

"We offer digital x-rays that use 80-90 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Our paperless system allows us to quickly transfer records to any medical provider. Patients can now see their own charts on a computer screen for better comprehension of their dental procedures, giving a closer doctor-patient relationship."

These intra-oral photos and videos let patients view exactly what the doctor is working from. The office is rapidly gathering steam and adding patients. Currently there are three operatories with room for three more in future expansion. Hand-tools and equipment uses the latest technology with quiet, low-noise electric drills. Entertainment options during procedures include noise-cancelling headphones and books on tape. PureCare Dental is a full-service facility providing everything from fillings, minor surgeries, implants and orthodontics to even the latest anti-snore solutions.

Dr. Adam Veitschegger and Dr. Eric Cadwell, both University of Washington graduates, provide all the personal care, diagnosis and treatment. All doctors are doing their own hygiene work right now, giving new patients an extra level of individual attention.

Another innovative approach is their "alternative insurance" Dental Membership Program where a small monthly payment goes toward routine exams and maintenance, without the shock of huge bills and unexpected charges. It's a preventative annual membership plan created to make the new standard of modern dentistry more affordable.
There are individual and family plan options that start at $19.50 per month for standard adult members and $12.50 for each dependent child. Benefits include two regular hygiene cleanings per year, two comprehensive examinations per year, as well as all necessary x-rays and two allowable emergency visits during normal business hours. One in-office fluoride treatment is also provided. Active members also receive an additional 15 percent discount on all in-house services such as crowns, dentures and extractions.

Rachel Veitschegger is patient care coordinator and wants to change the way people feel about going to the dentist. "Dentists have finally realized and accepted that they're scary and are trying to change that attitude. Our office reflects those changes and we hope patients feel the difference.

"It's amazing the number of people who come in and tell us they haven't been to the dentist in ten or fifteen years," she said. "Our goal is to get people to come in on a regular basis and not compromise the health of their mouth because they can't afford it. Most people in this country have no or poor medical insurance and this dental program helps solve part of that ever-growing problem.

PureCare Dental is located on the north side of Bend beside Cheerleaders Grill at 3081 North Hwy 97, Suite #150.

541-647-5555 or

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