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Meet the PureCare Dental Team

Dr. Eric M Cadwell

Eric M Cadwell, Dentist & Owner

DDS, MBA, University of Washington

Dr. Cadwell brings a unique perspective to the dental world.

Dr. Cadwell brings a unique perspective to the dental world. After graduating with an MBA from the University of Washington, he went on to launch and run a startup software company. Upon the sale of the company, he returned to the University of Washington to earn his dental degree. While in dental school, he served as Class President all four years as well as Student Council president. His leadership and business experience is what made him want to start a dental practice that revolutionized patients' expectations of the dental experience. From the design of the office to the unique dental membership model, Eric's vision is to help patients take control of their dental health, redefine expectations, and make dental care more accessible and affordable - even for those without insurance!

Dr. Cadwell is an expert at creating healthy and natural looking smiles by practicing conservative, tooth preserving dentistry. Dr. Cadwell is highly committed to mastery in the latest in dental innovations. He has completed hundreds of hours of advanced post-graduate training in various aspects of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, dental implants, and pediatric dentistry. Rigorous training and experience provide Dr. Cadwell with a special understanding of the complex dynamics of a smile and the ability to preserve oral health for life.

His favorite part of his job is the interactions that he has with our patients and the relationships that develop. 

At home, his wife, Brianna, and he are so blessed to have 2 beautiful children. They enjoy having adventures, playing, and learning together as a family.

He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Oregon Academy of General Dentistry, the Oregon Dental Association, and the Central Oregon Dental Society.

Outside of the office, Eric enjoys spending time with his family and their dog, water skiing, snow skiing, and restoring cars.

When you are at the office next time, ask him about: Building an airplane with his father and brother or his 1965 Ford Mustang GT Convertible!

Dr Tyler Fix

Tyler Fix, Dentist

DMD, MA, Midwestern University

Dr. Fix was thrilled to join PureCare Dental of Bend as an Associate in 2017

Dr. Fix was thrilled to join PureCare Dental of Bend as an Associate in 2017 because of the practice’s patient-centric approach to the dental experience. His favorite aspect of his professional work is interacting with each patient and truly valuing their time, trust, and company—building rapport with each person is extremely vital to earning a patient’s gift of being “THEIR dentist.” The mouth is a very personal working space for many people, and he has a goal of making that experience comfortable. Your concerns, requests, and interests supersede all other things when you are in his chair.

Dr. Fix is engaged in the Oregon community. He is proudly completing the Bend Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Bend 2019-2020 Program. He currently serves as a council member on the Oregon Dental Association’s (ODA) New Dentist Council (NDC). He is a graduate of the ODA’s Leadership Academy 2018-2019 Program. He thoroughly enjoys his role as a dental provider for Central Oregon’s Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Program. With strong roots at his dental alma mater, Dr. Fix is the Chairman of Professional Development for Midwestern University’s Dental School Alumni Board.

Dr. Fix grew up in northwest Phoenix, Arizona, surrounded by a tight-knit family and the desert sun. He earned his Bachelors degree in Physiology from The University of Arizona in 2012. Thanks to his Wildcat heritage, he is an avid fan of college basketball—Bear Down! Upon graduation, he earned his Masters degree (MA) in Biomedical Sciences from Midwestern University-Arizona in 2013. Dr. Fix attended dental school at Midwestern University-Arizona, earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree in 2017. During his doctoral studies, Dr. Fix served as Class President for four years and a National Contributing Editor to the American Student Dental Association. Dr. Fix also completed an Academic Fellowship through the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) while at Midwestern.

In his free time, Dr. Fix enjoys playing tennis, running, skiing, hiking, traveling, and visiting his friends and family back in Arizona.

When you are at the office next time, he would love to: exchange food and restaurant recommendations!

Brianna Cadwell PureCare Dental

Brianna, MEd

Office Manager

Meet Brianna

Bri’s favorite parts of her job are interacting with and helping others and the relationships that
form through the process. She enjoys the camaraderie of our team and the jokes and laughs we
have throughout the day.
She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved to Kennewick, Washington, when she was three
years old, where she grew up. She attended undergraduate and graduate school in Seattle, and
then moved to Bend in 2010 to start the practice with Dr. Cadwell. She loves the community in
Central Oregon—there are always things that she can go out and do with her family, from
watching sports or hiking, to church events or community performances.
Dr. Cadwell and Brianna married in 2005 and have two kiddos: Kyle, age 7, and Maya, age 4.
Bri manages the dental office, but she likes to consider herself another member of the team.
Before moving to Bend, she got her Master's in School Counseling while working full-time
managing an engineering firm in downtown Seattle. Both helped build both a random and solid
skill set that has served her well in her role at PureCare.
When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her cute kids or chat about traveling!

Jasmine McGivney PureCare Dental

Jasmine, AA

Patient Care Coordinator

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine’s favorite part of her job is interacting with patients and aiding them in determining the most cost effective manner to complete their treatment needs. She also revels in appealing denied insurance claims (and winning them!) to help her patients.

Jasmine grew up in Santa Cruz, California, and moved to Los Angeles when she was 18. At 21, she moved to Bend to be closer to family and become a part of this beautiful, friendly city. Her favorite Central Oregon activities include hiking and exploring the lakes and forests—all just minutes away.

When Jasmine is not at PureCare, she is making memories with her husband, Jordan, and her baby boy, Jameson. She also has a dog and two (too) many cats.

Jasmine graduated with her AA degree from Central Oregon Community College and specializes at PureCare in determining how to help you realize your dental potential in an economical way, especially through our in-house membership plans.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her participation in a music video!

Deanna Heal PureCare Dental

Deanna Heal, AS

Patient Care Coordinator

Meet Deanna

Deanna’s favorite part of her job is the opportunity to interact with every patient. She used to be a dental assistant and transitioned into a front office specialist eight years ago. In both capacities, she loves feeling that she helps patients, whether it be seeking answers that they need, making sure they are comfortable in the dental office, or offering an ear when they need to talk.

She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and relocated to La Pine 10 years ago. She loves the variety that Central Oregon offers, while also giving her a small town setting.

When she’s not at work, you can find her spending quality time with her husband of almost 25 years and her sons: hunting, camping, riding dirt bikes, and attending local events that bring them together.

She has an AS Degree in Dental Assisting (2009) and is CPR-certified. Deanna specializes at PureCare in understanding your insurance benefits and how to advocate for your financial and dental wellness.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her family’s sports life!

Jacki Hardy RDH

Jacki, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Meet Jacki

Jacki’s favorite part of her job is the opportunity to aid in enhancing every single patient’s beautiful smile through hygiene. She also will make sure that your cleaning appointment will be full of colorful and enjoyable conversation.

She has lived in many different places early on in her life, but she chiefly grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. Seeking the four seasons and the array of outdoor activities that Bend has to offer, she moved to Central Oregon after graduation from her Dental Hygiene education in Colorado. Her favorite local hobbies include paddleboarding, hiking, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. When Jacki is not working, you can find her in the outdoors on the weekends with her French Bulldog, Nellie (short for Penelope). If you are a Frenchie fan, you can follow Nellie’s active lifestyle on Instagram!

Jacki specializes at PureCare in providing cleanings that are extremely thorough and gentle. She will place your needs and your comforts at the top of the priority list.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her international travel adventures!

Nicole Hansack RDH

Nicole, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Meet Nicole

Nicole’s favorite part of her job is the opportunity to connect with each one of her patients (she loves it!) and free them from the burdens of plaque and calculus. She is deeply knowledgeable, and she is a wonderful informational resource for her patients.

She grew up in the Midwest but moved to Bend, Oregon, in 2011. She loves to capitalize on this outdoor paradise by camping, hiking, and snowboarding through all of the different seasons.

At home, Nicole has a rugged husband, two amazing kids, a large, sweet dog, a small, gruff cat, and a bunch of flippin’ chickens. Needless to say, she’s a busy professional. She even shares some of her farm-fresh eggs with the rest of the PureCare staff now and then!

Nicole has all of her board certifications in Dental Hygiene, and she impressively holds two active practicing licenses for the states of Oregon and Washington. She specializes in educating you to be an advocate for your own dental health at home in the best ways possible.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: natural horsemanship techniques

Brittaniy Buckingham PureCare Dental

Brittaniy, BS, EPDH

Dental Hygienist

Meet Brittaniy

Brittaniy’s favorite part of her job is patient education. She loves communicating her passion for dentistry through health recommendations and dental information that address her patients’ diverse needs.

She grew up on the Oregon Coast in Newport. She attended hygiene school in Klamath Falls at OIT and moved to Bend after graduation in 2016. A few of her favorite aspects of Central Oregon include the four seasons and the proximity to the outdoors. Brittaniy loves the cold weather and the long, snow-blanketed winters!

When not at work, you can find Brittaniy enjoying time with her long-time boyfriend, Jeronimo, and her Golden Retriever named Lilly.

Brittaniy has sought out many certifications in the field of Dental Hygiene: BS degree in Expanded Practice Dental Hygiene (EPDH), anesthesia, nitrous oxide sedation, and restorative capabilities. She specializes at PureCare in being able to both perform cleanings and modify any filling adjustments that our patients require.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her passion for the automotive industry and sports!

Kayla Samuel PureCare Dental

Kayla, DA

Dental Assistant

Meet Kayla

Kayla’s favorite part of her job is that there is always something new to learn and that days spent with fun patients are never dull.

She was born and raised in Central Oregon and loves the outdoor world that this area provides. When she is not working, you can find her exploring the many hiking trails throughout Bend, Sisters, and the Cascade Mountains. She is very thankful to experience the beautiful changing of the seasons here. She also enjoys traveling to all sorts of places and has enjoyed her past international trips.

At home, Kayla has an adopted cat named Carlo Montague. She has successfully taught him how to sit, lay down, and high-five!

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her travels or her Big Foot collection!

Chris Emerson Dental Assistant

Chris, EFDA

Dental Assistant

Meet Chris

Chris’s favorite part of her job is the opportunity to comfort patients and ease their anxieties about the dental setting. She has a natural ability to walk patients smoothly through their procedures, and she is famous for offering a hand to hold!

Chris spent the majority of her life as a native of the East Coast in Vermont, until she and her family moved to Central Oregon around 2016. She loves spending time in the outdoors here in beautiful Bend.

When not caring for patients, Chris enjoys spending quality time with her husband and her two sons.

She has 25 years of experience as a Dental Assistant. Upon her move to Oregon, Chris re-certified herself as a board-approved Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) (2016). Chris specializes at PureCare in ensuring that we are stocked with the newest and highest-quality dental materials.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her passion for crafting!

Haylee Streeter Dental Assistant

Haylee, DA

Dental Assistant

Meet Haylee

Haylee’s favorite part of her job is being able to help people by devoting herself to quality chairside assistance and helping ease patients’ fears and anxieties. She understands that not everyone has always loved coming to the dental office, and she has a talent for changing that into a positive experience.

She has lived in Central Oregon for almost her entire life, and she cannot imagine growing up anywhere else. She has always loved outdoor activities, and she has a vibrant passion for fitness and nutrition. She works out five to six times per week and loves cooking healthy, delicious meals.

Haylee is newly wed as of 2019 to her now-husband, Reuben. Together, they have one kitty named Charlie.

Through a hard work ethic and an open mind, Haylee entered the dental assisting profession with no experience initially. However, she has thrived in her role and has sought all of her certifications to provide top-notch patient experiences. She is currently pursuing her Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) certification. Haylee specializes at PureCare in ensuring all incoming and outgoing lab cases are of the highest quality, as well as monitoring instrument sterilization efficacy and infection control.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: how different she and her TWIN brother look!

Chrisie Fabbrini PureCare Dental

Chrisie, EFDA

Dental Assistant

Meet Chrisie

Chrisie’s favorite part of her job is watching her patients leave the office happy, confident, and smiling. She believes that it is extremely important for patients to enjoy their time at the office.

She grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon, and moved to Central Oregon in 1995. She current lives in scenic Terrebone. Her favorite part of living in the area is that everything nature-oriented we could ever desire is right here, in our own backyards.

When she is not working, Chrisie adores spending time with her family. Together, they embark on plenty of adventures: hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, and just spending time in the fresh air.

Along with her daughters, Chrisie loves her fur children. She currently has two dogs and loves any and all animals. If only she had the room for more dogs!

Chrisie is board-certified as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA), among numerous other certifications. She specializes at PureCare as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Coordinator, ensuring that we are promoting a top-quality healthcare environment for our patients and our staff members.

When you are at the office next time, ask her about: her favorite recipes to cook!

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