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Bend Chamber Business Journal – Local Dental Office Offers Affordable Care, Soothing Atmosphere

Bend Chamber Business Journal - Local Dental Office Offers Affordable Care, Soothing Atmosphere

July 1, 2011 | By Courtney Linville, Government Affairs/Public Relations
Bend Chamber Business Journal PureCare Dental
Bend Chamber Business Journal PureCare Dental

How many people can say they look forward to going to the dentist? What about feeling calm and comfortable while in the office or the chair? Have you ever considered a dental membership program? PureCare Dental offers all these things and believes in quality patient care, customer service, and providing excellence in dentistry.

Walking through the doors of PureCare Dental, patients are immediately enveloped with a calm and welcoming atmosphere that’s more like a spa than a dental office. In the waiting area, patients are greeted with the relaxing sounds of a water feature and soft color tones as well as the warmth of wood. The office also has an open air feeling, like you would find in many of today’s coffee shops. This innovative design was created by owner Dr. Eric Cadwell, DDS, MBA. “I wanted patients to feel comfortable not only sitting in the reception area, but throughout the office,” he said.

A lot of thought went into the design of the office and it shows. Patient exam areas feature the same modern and open environment, as well as the latest in all-digital technology. Patients have the opportunity to watch a movie during their exam or see firsthand what the doctor is seeing.

“We have patients who haven’t been to the dentist in years, and they’re surprised that everything makes sense,” said Cadwell. “With the technology in our office, they can see what I’m seeing. We use the best materials and labs we can provide with a very comprehensive whole health approach that’s more comfortable and approachable for the patient.”
Patient Care Coordinator Rachel Veitschegger says many people have anxiety and are very skeptical of dentists. She says with the PureCare Dental approach, patients have things explained to them so the entire process is less of a mystery. “We sit down with patients and thoroughly explain everything, and patients get more time with their doctor to feel comfortable with what’s happening,” said Veitschegger.

Along with dedication to its patients, PureCare Dental has a unique Membership program that is an alternative to dental insurance. The concept was actually started two years ago by Cadwell and his brother. “We got started because we saw a need for people as dental insurance continued to get more expensive, but it wasn’t covering as much,” said Cadwell.

The membership model was initially introduced in Washington and it’s the first dental membership program in the Northwest. The Cadwell brothers wanted to create a program where people could afford to have dental benefits and employers could offer dental benefits to employees. Cadwell said the purpose of the program is to give preventative and comprehensive care at a reasonable price.

“We wanted to get the relationship back between the patient and the doctor rather than having insurance companies dictate treatment,” said Cadwell.

PureCare Dental offers individual plans as well as corporate plans. Cadwell says this creates an environment where dental care is more affordable and streamlined to the needs of the patient. “This is not insurance. There are no waiting periods and no exclusions,” he said. “You don’t pay a deductible and there isn’t a co-pay. It’s just providing dental care where we can keep the administrative costs low, making it more affordable for all.”

Cadwell says dental health can play a big part into an employee’s health and productivity. In fact, recent studies show one of the major reasons for lost days of work and school are due to dental emergencies. “Our dental plan creates value for both employers and employees. The products are very affordable and it helps to ensure the health of workers for as low as $19.50 a month,” he said. “That’s affordable for just about any business.”

Besides offering ground breaking dental memberships, the company is also changing the way people visit the dentist as well. Because of busy schedules of patients, PureCare Dental is open until 7 p.m. two evenings a week and also open on Fridays and Saturdays. Cadwell says this way care is available to patients when they need it.

PureCare Dental also guarantees it will see patients on time. Within 10 minutes of an appointment time if a patient hasn’t been seated, he or she receives a gift card to local businesses. “We are trying to change the way people think about their healthcare and their expectations,” Cadwell said. “We want patients to know that their time is important to us. We take their time seriously.”

Above all, whether a patient has insurance or a membership with PureCare Dental, Cadwell says his office wants to be available for everyone. “We love to know that we are providing a great service for patients and it’s a great mutual relationship,” he said.

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