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Putting You First

Preferred Provider

We are a Preferred Provider for some of the most popular dental insurances in Central Oregon including ODS/Moda and PacificSource. We also accept most other insurance plans. Not sure about your insurance benefits? We can help you! Give us a call today.

Complimentary Insurance Billing

Our staff gladly processes insurance claims as a courtesy to you. Please bring your insurance information with you on your first visit. We are committed to being as thorough as possible in everything we do. With accurate insurance information, we can optimize your insurance benefit as much as possible to help pay for your dental care.

More Affordable Dentistry

We are aware of the continual rise in the costs of your health care. In addition to offering prepayment discounts, we have worked hard to consider creative ways to lower patient costs and our overhead. From our conversations with patients, we have developed a revolutionary approach to dental health care. The PureCare Dental Membership is a cost-effective alternative to dental insurance.  If you don't have dental insurance, we'd love to talk to you about how our membership program can give you personalized care at an affordable price.

Putting You First

We realize every person is unique in many ways. You can expect us to determine what your needs are to maintain a lifetime of good health. It is our goal to provide you with enough information to make good decisions about the future of your health. Having insurance to help pay for your dental care is definitely a blessing. Unfortunately, some people are led to believe that they can only do what their insurance will pay for or see who their insurance says they can see. Between our membership program, and our whole-health approach to comprehensive care, we want to work with you to overcome these insurance-dictated hurdles. This allows us to determine together what is best for you, not your insurance company. We can then use insurance to help pay for what you need to enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Please call, so we can optimize your insurance benefits and schedule your appointment today.

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