Central Oregon Magazine PureCare Dental Article

Central Oregon Magazine – PureCare Dental: A New Concept In Dentistry

Central Oregon Magazine - PureCare Dental: A New Concept In Dentistry

September 23, 2011 | By Sandra Holtzman
Central Oregon Magazine PureCare Dental Article

How many times have you avoided a visit to the dentist’s office, dreading its sterile walls and equipment that looks like it’s right out of the Dark Ages? Add to that the rising cost of dental procedures and taking care of your teeth can quickly turn into something to steer clear of. Many dentists, however, are moving into the 21st Century, bringing high tech equipment, amazing staff, mural-painted walls and new business philosophies with them.

After a visit to PureCare Dental, conveniently located at the north end of Bend off Highway 97, my entire concept of everything ‘dentist’ changed. Not only is the office aesthetically beautiful to behold with a distinctive feeling of openness, the atmosphere is welcoming and evokes a sense of calm. After encountering a stunning water feature in the main reception area, wood and granite counters complete with lovely views of the Cascades define the patient treatment area. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I’d found my way to a spa.

The most notable feature of PureCare Dental is the Dental Membership program, a brand new concept that is also the largest in the Pacific Northwest. Benefits, including full preventive care and two emergency visits a year, begin immediately upon enrollment and members must remain in the plan for 12 months to take advantage of significant savings. After an initial exam and determination of a patient’s needs, services are discounted from that point on, including everything from fillings to crowns, braces, and implants. Eric Cadwell, owner of PureCare Dental says, “The Membership Program makes the new standard of modern dentistry more affordable. It’s a brand new concept, especially for this region.”

A tour of the office revealed state-of-the-art, all digital equipment that doubles efficiency and produces immediate results while significantly lowering X-ray radiation doses. Patients can watch their procedure on a wide screen and X-ray results are immediate with no waiting time. Cadwell says, “Research is clear that lifetime costs for dentistry are lower if a patient keeps coming back for preventive care.”

How’s this for cool? As incentive for those who send a certain number of referrals to the dental office, patients can choose from a fetching number of gift baskets like Stress Relief, Sports or Date Night Out, each of which contains all sorts of tempting goodies. According to Cadwell, one of the reasons he chose Bend for a dental practice was the wide mix of residents, from retirees to young families with children, entrepreneurs and seasonal and tourism workers.

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